Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Dark Sand Raiders

Our intrepid party of adventurers are forming under the illustrious banner of The Dark Sand Raiders. Not by their choice mind you. The Fierce Mul, Crimson Fang Korr, is the Captain of their Silt Strider ship, which they use to travel the desert wastes of this world.

Adding to the crew so far,

Crimson Fang Korr, Ex-Gladiator Mul now serves as the captain of the Dark Sands. Brandishing two jagged stone hatchets, he has no qualms about fighting dirty, as long as he walks away from the fight, it was a 'fair' fight.

A Freeborn Mul, this nomad wanders the wastes freely staff in hand. Little is known of this wanderer, but they do join up with the Dark Sands for the occasional mission to earn some provisions and then disappear back into the wastes.

A sand running courier, this one handles many of the deliveries and emergency supply pick ups for the crew. A real beast in combat, this sand runner moves like the wind.

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