Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From the Depths of Evil

The story of Feign starts amongst a life of debauchery. He was pretty, wealthy, and spoiled. Feign was the privileged son of a priestess, living the life as a servant to the temple, providing for all of the needs of the priestesses.

A new temple guard had arrived, a lovely young Drow. Mechant was perfect in every way. She didn't care about the temple, only her duties. A skilled and aloof soldier with a preference to bare-knuckled brawling.

Mechant was like nothing Feign had ever seen and he had to have her. This is no love story, so let us skip down the road. They went so far as to marry, at the disgrace of his mother. Mechant was no noble woman with no political worth. Marrying Feign got her into the political games.

After several years, they gave birth to a lovely daughter. Feign's mother came before them, pronouncing the child as destined and property of Llolth. There was nothing that could be done, the child was to be taken away to be raised by the temple.

Something broke in Feign that day. He had a secret, something that gave him an edge in his life up to this point and would no be his unmaking. He had a Wild Talent, raw psionic power. No longer would he choose to be passive in his manipulations.

Feign dedicated the next several years to perfecting his talent, he had a goal and would obtain it. Insinuating himself deeper into the temple, he found out of his daughter and her fate. No longer his sweet child, she had been turned into a slave of Llolth, a drider.

Finally the time came, he broke the will of one of the priestesses, gaining mental domination of her. Using her, he was able to get to his daughter. She was a miserable little monster, evil to the core. He tried to speak with her, explain who he was. She laughed at him, and made fun of his weak sentiments.

He knew no other option, slaying the young priestess he commanded all of his power and made his daughter a Thrall. A permanent mind-slave.

Now a murderer, kidnapper, and having commited something truly vile, Feign knew he must escape. Ruturning home to get Mechant and some supplies, he found their home empty. Mechant was gone. Was she kidnapped, killed, did she run away?

All he knew was that he had to escape with his daughter, he had no other choice, or they would both die. They ran until they found their first bit of hope, the surface.


  1. Thus begin his search for a cure. In a land where his people were hated, his daughter's race hunted, and with no money, or direction.

    To hide his form and gain a bit of protection through intimidation, he donned a suit of heavy plate armor and took on the role of a retired soldier from a foreign land.

    Using his mental powers, he gathered information, until he learned of a possible solution. Artifice. If she could convert her flesh to machine, she would free herself from Lolth's control.

    With much effort and some mind control, he found his daughter a teacher. She was on the way to becoming whole again. Now, the only goal is to find the materials to replace her flesh with steel.

    Wandering this unforgiving world, Feign protects his daughter, and does what it takes to try and get the parts to fix her.

  2. ::hushed whisper:: wow! I want MORE.