Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Set of Savage World House Rules

Added Trait - Fate/Destiny/Luck
Wild Die is set off of this trait. 
A one on the Wild Die is always a sort of misfortune, if other dice cause the action to succeed, you still succeed, just with an unlucky side effect. 

Draw your Fate
Draw one card from a deck of cards per trait
Clubs - d6, Diamonds - d8, Hearts - d10, Spades - d12, Joker - d8 max d12+2

Skill Modification
Reduce Starting Number of Skills to 10 (from 15)
Adding skill selections.  - Long description forthcoming.

Skills no longer have a die type, nor a source trait.

Attempting a task without a relatable skill results in a -2 penalty to the roll.

Training in a skill gives you proficiency and removes the penalty.
At each additional rank you may increase your proficiency with an advance, increased proficiency gives you an extra die rolled, but not kept, of the appropriate die type for the check.

Bennies system stays the same at the core but there are two  additional types of bennies. In addition, bennies are utilized to calculate Experience earned at the end of a session.  You start each session with 3 Lesser Bennies.  Greater bennies are earned for completing important events, like side quests, and do not have to be cashed in at the end of a session, but are cashed in at the end of the story.  Legendary Bennies are rewarded for taking major in character risks, playing heavily into your hindrances, and adding flavor and depth to the game.  Legendary Bennies never have to be cashed in.

Lesser - Reroll, Remove Shaken, or Roll Soak 1 Xp
Greater - Add 1d6 to a roll, before the roll is made, or Remove one Wound (Even Incapacitated) 3 Xp
Legendary - Take an additional action on a second initiative, Cheat Death 5 XP

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